When I retired, I wanted to make supporting women in politics part of my legacy. While I will certainly miss my time as a Member of Parliament, it is exciting to see a smart, principled and capable woman like Jamie Mozeson wanting to follow in my footsteps and enter public life. I’ve known Jamie for ten years and through it all, she has demonstrated a commitment to her family, her community and her country. She brings the “right combination” of principled conservative values and fresh new ideas.”

Rona Ambrose

Former Leader of the Official Opposition

I’m personally thrilled to see a good friend and dedicated member of the Sturgeon River-Parkland community declare her intentions to run for public office.

Jamie Mozeson has the right combination of conservative principles and fresh ideas that we need in the Conservative Party caucus.  As someone who got their start in politics in the area, she will make an immediate impact in Ottawa and be a strong voice for her constituents in Parliament.

Matt Jeneroux

MP, Edmonton Riverbend

I am supporting Jamie Mozeson for the conservative nomination in Sturgeon River-Parkland to replace Rona Ambrose.

Why?  Because we need more people like Jamie, with a young family and years of dedicated volunteering and activism getting conservatives elected to all levels of government.  The conservative movement needs people like Jamie who have done the hard work on the ground then seeking elected office to ensure taxpayers and families are heard.

When I decided to run for the nomination in Calgary Shepard, I had friends like Jamie to lean on for advice and insight.  She represents the next generation of conservatives who are dedicated to keeping our movement united with fresh, bold new ideas to reaching a new generation of voters.

Jamie has my full support and I know she will be an excellent advocate in Ottawa for the values of the residents in Sturgeon River-Parkland.

Tom Kmiec

MP, Calgary Shepard

Growing up in the area, going to Memorial, and being from the family of small business owners, Jamie will be a Member of Parliament who will stand up for local families and businesses.  Her family is a pillar of the community, running Peter’s Pizza, where she had her first job, and she understands the value of hard work to get the job done.  As the former MLA and former Mayor of Stony Plain, I know that Jamie will be a strong voice for our community and will represent us well in Ottawa.

Ken Lemke

former MLA & Mayor, Stony Plain

Great to see Jamie Mozeson put her name forward for nomination as the Conservative Party of Canada candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland!

Arnold Vierson

MP, Peace River-Westlock

Drawing on my experience as an MLA, I know that Jamie Mozeson will stand up for her constituents and be a strong and effective voice in Ottawa.  She has been a lifelong advocate for families, small businesses and communities and will fight against the Trudeau agenda of high taxes and out of control spending.  I am happy to endorse Jamie for the Sturgeon River-Parkland Conservative nomination.

Shayne Saskiw

former MLA, Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills

I’m delighted that Jamie Mozeson is running to be the federal Conservative Party of Canada candidate in Sturgeon River-Parkland.  She’s a tremendously hard worker with lots of COC experience and is well-connected in the riding that Rona Ambrose represented.  It’s critical we defeat Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the next election and Jamie has the experience to help us do that.

Kerry Diotte

MP, Edmonton Griesbach

Jamie (Mozeson) will make a great MP.  I look forward to supporting her in her nomination campaign.

Garnett Genuis

MP, Sherwood Park

We will miss the outstanding leadership that Rona Ambrose brought to Northern Alberta and the rest of Canada – but it is exciting to see a talented, experienced, and conservative person like Jamie Mozeson step forward, eager to serve the constituents of Sturgeon River-Parkland.

Nancy Strand

past National Councillor, Alberta for the Conservative Party of Canada

There’s a new leadership adage about “sending the elevator back down” after you’ve achieved some level of success in your career.  However, the people to whom I owe the most gratitude in my life’s journey are those who didn’t see helping me as some sort of exercise where there were looking down from a pedestal – rather, they did the hard work of lifting me up.

Jamie Mozeson is one of those people.  Jamie is one of the very few people who I have ever felt I could call during both the best and worst days of my career.  I’ve always found I could rely on her wisdom – of which she has a remarkable amount.  I have always trusted her.

She has spent the better part of a decade working to make her community and country a better place.  Jamie has been one of those people who has humbly toiled behind the scenes of my party for years; I could point to the many successes our party has had because of her.  Yet, she has never once put her ego ahead of the cause.  She is probably one of the most humble people I’ve ever met, although she has every right to be proud and boast of her accomplishments.

Many of you know I have a longstanding policy of being very careful about endorsements in politics.  However, when I found out today that Jamie has decided to seek the CPC nomination in Sturgeon River-Parkland, I actually yelled, “YES!!!”  This is a strong woman who has paid her dues and has a backbone made of steel.  She is a spitfire that never backs down to pressure.  She’s one of the most principled Conservatives I know.  She’s both fierce and compassionate.

Simply put, she is Liberal kryptonite.

The nomination she’s seeking is for the seat vacated by the talented, strong, and smart Rona Ambrose, who is someone else that I would consider to be an important influencer in my career – someone who took the time and had the patience to coach me, even through tough decisions and situations.

This is what getting more women in politics looks like – strong women like Jamie who has worked hard for over a decade and who has personally lifted other strong women up, then seeking to follow after strong women like Rona.

As such, it’s with great humility and excitement that I look forward to lifting Jamie up in her decision, regardless of where that journey takes her.

Michelle Rempel

MP, Calgary Nose Hill